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... for Today's School Professionals
- Flexible
Lots of features:
- Separate teacher schedules for all your schools
- Multiple teachers for the same appointment
- Request an aide for special needs
- Log on from mobile devices
- Detailed tracking options
Increase Parent Participation
- Easy to Use
- Mobile-friendly
- 24/7 Access from anywhere
- Parents may change appointments themselves
- Teachers can contact parents directly
- Easy to Use
- Innovative
- Trackable
- Measurable
- A non-technical interface
- 24/7 Access from anywhere
- Appointments are Changeable
- Teachers/Parents Contact Tools

We take pains to avoid a difficult or intimidating user experience for parents and make it as easy as possible for them to visit their appointment schedule as often as it takes them to get it right.

Teachers can set up their appointment calendar in advance and add notes and details that parents will see when they visit. Teachers who work in several classrooms and schools can block out sections of their schedule for each venue they need.
The best PT Conference software is useless if parents won't use it.
"Some teachers need to set up conferences in more than one school."