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... for Today's School Professionals
- Flexible
Lots of features:
- Separate teacher schedules for all your schools
- Multiple teachers for the same appointment
- Request an aide for special needs
- Log on from mobile devices
- Detailed tracking options
Increase Parent Participation
- Easy to Use
- Mobile-friendly
- 24/7 Access from anywhere
- Parents may change appointments themselves
- Teachers can contact parents directly
- Easy to Use
- Innovative
- Trackable
- Measurable
School families are dynamic and harder to define.
The details of today's school family change constantly. Mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email, even last names are subject to change without notice. What stays the same is parents need to connect with teachers about their student's progress and their future. MyPTConference is designed to evolve as your student's needs change for that future.
"Some parents would like a translator available for their session."